In the beginning I wanted answers.  I turned over every stone to get the answer. Doctors and specialists for years called ‘it’ a lot of things… never really certain of what ‘it’ is. There really was no answer.  Autism, language disorder, non-verbal learning disability, intellectual disability, to name a few, was the ‘it.

Today I learned from the genetic specialist, the ‘it’ is 16p11.2 deletion syndrome .

To me, the ‘it’ is a beautiful young lady that has opened my heart and my life to greatness.  She is my girl and she is perfect.

The years of repeated tests were performed not so much as to change the outcome, but instead to educate her brothers and learn about any markers that could be passed along.  I spent the day amazed at the micro-genetics of the human body that make up my girl.  I marveled at the genetic markers that may link to ASD. I recalled the many appointments to name the ‘it’.

Today ‘it’ is called something, but she remains my girl.


2 thoughts on “‘It’

  1. Labels are useful for those who treat illness or disability, but they don’t describe who we are. You and your daughter, both, are beautiful. You are lucky to have each other. Blessings to you.

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