The longing for leaves

Sometimes taking a sick day is just what the doctored ordered. For some, this might be a day where you stay bundled under the covers or hunkered down on the sofa with a blanket and a book. For me, it meant to honor a calling within myself to take care of me. Today this meant a massage, a pedicure, and a long walk to ease my aching back.

Prior to this sick day, my mind kept going back to a familiar trail where I have fond memories of the sounds made by the crunching of the dry leaves beneath my bike tires. I recalled those sounds and the heart filled laughter of a dear friend I miss very much. I longed to be surrounded by the glorious colors of nature. Though my friend has moved away and my back no longer enjoys my bike, I knew that I needed to crunch some leaves and take in all that the trail can offer.

The beckoning to nature was my soul seeking to refuel and my body needing tenderness. Bundled up and relaxed from my massage, I ventured off to find that trail. I may have been a couple weeks early for prime leaf crunching, but I was able to take in the sounds, smells and the vibrant colors, and I did manage to crunch some leaves. In the midst of the quiet, there was such a sense of aliveness and this was just what I needed today.

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