I love the idea of a ceremony to welcome in the new year. In recent years this ritual has included choosing the perfect journal and setting some intentions for the year.  I recently read an article about the ritual of recapitulation: the process of acknowledging or bringing forth events of the year to consciousness with the intent to release any karmic cords that may still be tethered to your energy field.  In doing this, you create space for the intentions of the new year to have room to manifest.

That is quite a concept to me.

To consciously bring forth events of pride, happiness, regret, and sadness. In this process of recapitulation it is suggested that you bring forth the memory, write the details of this event on a piece of paper–perhaps the conversation, the action, the words–and then after acknowledging the release of this energy, toss the paper into flame and watch it dissolve into ash.

I look forward to adding this ritual to my new year intention setting and affirmation ceremony.  This year my word was devotion and I delight at looking back on 2012 and seeing just where I was challenged by this and how I grew in the area.

Self-discovery continues to amaze me.


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