The message on the yoga mat this evening was to see the progress that has been created…on the mat and off the mat. Be witness to the path you have traveled. My internal thoughts took me both to my first yoga class and to my first IEP meeting.  Each memory delighted me with the innocence of what I experienced and the innocence of what was to come.

My very first yoga class, I loathed every single one of the sixty minutes.  Vowing never to return I showed up a week later.  It was not too many more savanas that I realized there was something really amazing going on with the integration of mind and body.  The poses became familiar and the language of yoga became less foreign. It was not too many more months that I became to be yoga, rather than do yoga.

When I think of my first IEP meeting I can barely even recognize the young and clueless person that was me.  The verbiage and terms were all a language unknown to me; raw scores, mean scores, percentages, percentiles….all foreign.  I was a parent that took everything said to me as gospel and never once questioned the purpose.  Over time, however, I became empowered.  And it was then that I realized that my girl is the vehicle in which I have travelled down the road in this life to speak out and live a life of authenticity and of truth.

Yoga and disabilities have each been a place for tremendous growth for me. In yoga, the postures, the breath, the movement on the mat revealed to me the vulnerability and potential of the human body.  Parenting my girl has revealed the grief, the need for advocacy, and the depth of love that a mother can for a child.

Looking back at the virginity of both experiences are great opportunities to see the path that I have traveled.  Each one is a demonstration of my growth; the innocence and the empowerment of me.  What was once foreign is now as familiar and I would not trade a second of the journey that got me to the now.


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