Reflecting on devotion in 2012

At the end of each year, I marvel at where I have been, and where I might next go. For the past several years when one year closes and a new year is upon me, rather than set some ‘resolution’ I have instead been drawn to a simple meditation where I ask my inner wisdom what will this year bring to me and my year becomes shaped around a word of intention. One of my most favorite hours spent is reviewing the year’s journal to see just where this intention showed up. I am often in awe of the remarkable ways that this thread was sewn through my life over the course of a year.

At the beginning of 2012, the word that came to me in the quiet was ‘devotion’. I had no idea how it would show up, and indeed it did.

Webster’s dictionary defines devotion as: love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.

Devotion to my health revealed itself to me as I embraced a forgotten way to view my relationship with my body and what I put into my body. I reduced a great amount of inflammation in my life—literally and figuratively–and the results were evident. I was brought to a stopping point to evaluate not only the choices I make with my body, but also a direction my life was taking. During those months of relentless back pain, I learned so much about the opportunity that is always available to have choice. Through that doorway, I was able to unselfishly devote to my own healing and the releasing of ideas, thoughts and beliefs about myself that were stuck in the harbor of my mind.

There continues to be a deep devotion to my girl as we began a new dance together this year. Our relationship has grown and deepened in subtle ways that only those that are close to us can see. Moving through guardianship, Social Security, and a new diagnosis has been a challenge for me. I was unaware of the emotional toll that it all had taken until I was able to complete it all and then step back to see the path we walked. With remarkable vigilance I was offered a deeper level of devotion to my girl and her future.

Loyalty and devotion were presented to me this year with my oldest son and my ability to balance healthy boundaries and unconditional love. Maintaining a strong stance on my own needs and yet allowing him to stumble through his own learning was a chance for me to step back and be reminded that it is not my job to take ownership for his lessons. In some subtle ways devotion was revealed with the awareness of what is mine, and what is his.

The devotion within my personal relationship was evident in the growth in my ability to communicate and to express myself. Never has there been a time in my life where I am more loved, more cherished, and more accepted. I released any fears and walked deeper into our relationship with the strongest sense of devotion I have ever experienced. Like a jar of sparkly glitter floating in water, I have settled into a comfortable state of amazing love.

Through loyalty, love, and enthusiasm for myself I have given my greatest to those around me. Through my relationships, my work, and my daily passion for truth and alignment, it is a remarkable moment to sit in awe with myself and look back at just how awesome life unfolds.


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