Dear Twenty Year-Old Self

Dear Twenty Year-Old Self,

My my.  Here you are all married and a baby in your arms.  You have entered into a life of diapers, hard work, sacrifice and, at times, loneliness.  Within a few short years you will have not only one, but three little people to care for.  Three babies within a very short time and a marriage that is filled with doubt and emptiness will be the beginning of the events that ultimately shape the next decade.

It won’t be long until the stirrings of your soul will shake you awake.  Though you will need to experience heartache and lost dreams, the reality is that you are not ready to be married and your young self has much learning to do.  You will venture into another marriage where you are still seeking something that must come only from you.  Years and years will pass before that door is fully opened and you are walking into the space of yourself that is of pure light and goodness.

Your daughter will offer you a chance to see that suffering is relative and it is something that can only occur within the space of the mind.  You learn that she does not suffer, but your own loss and grief is the portal in which you learn that suffering is a term that only exists within the mind.  It is through that understanding, a life of freedom is available.  She truly is the angel that opens the door for you to live within your full potential.

Once you clear out the fears that reside  within your heart and the shadows that come out to play are faced, you will experience great love.  You will be seen for the beauty that you are and you will know what acceptance truly is.  It is within this time in your life you will have the opportunity to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

You will love many and your spirit will be the sunshine in many lives.  You will bring divine love and grace into the lives of those that are most vulnerable.  It is in this gift that you find true peace.

Dearest Stacie, your life is not in vain.  Your challenges and your pain are not lost.  You have overcome great obstacles and have embraced the world.  You are a divine expression of God and your life has unfolded into perfection.

Be well sweet spirit for you have many years of wisdom yet to come.

Yours Truly,

Your 41-year old self.


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