They are the sunshine

I go into a locked facility each Saturday evening to bring Yoga to a group of individuals with traumatic brain injury.

Tonight I met one man at the front door as he gazed out on to the horizon. As I stood next to his wheelchair our hands intertwined and together, we looked out towards the changing sky. His smile was genuine.

Each Saturday as I enter into the facility, one by one they come out of their rooms–some walk, some wheel. One by one they find the strength and motivation to show up. They make their way to the dining room/yoga space eager to be part of something. They come to receive something.

Little do they realize they are actually the ones to give.

In a moment or a choice their lives were changed. And now they are living a different kind of life. They are reliant on others for their everyday living. They have no choice but to allow others to give to them. I entered into their lives to give them Yoga. For over a year we have shared tears, laughter, birthdays, holidays, love, and Yoga.

Tonight after I reached for the hand of my dear friend, Steve, I watched as one by one they each reached out to hold the person’s hand next to them. A connected circle of hands and of people.

As I fought back tears we talked about the love that we have chosen to create in our dining room/yoga space and the respect and the compassion that exists. I watched as each person brought their hands to their hearts to say ‘Namaste’. I listened with awe as they shared what Namaste means. “The light that is me respects the light that is you”.

It was then in that moment that I realized that I am not the sunshine in their lives. They are the sunshine in mine. They are the gift. Their moment in time when their life changed is not a waste or a tragedy. It has become an opportunity for them to give me the deepest sense of compassion that I can ever imagine. It has allowed me to love beyond what I knew love to be. It is my soul feeding purpose. It is what I am meant to be doing.

With deep gratitude I closed the locked door knowing that in a few day I would be back and they would be there. Another day. Another opportunity to know and see that they are the light. They are the sunshine.


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