As I stood on the spot of the northern point of the medicine wheel I turned to look towards the south and a rush of aliveness swept through me.  I noticed the crispness of the mountain air and allowed my eyes to take in the bounty of colors.  Rushes of red and oranges dappled with the greens of the trees while the vivid blue sky radiated above.  A sense of oneness was undeniable.

Oneness with Mother Earth.  Oneness with Spirit.  Oneness with my inner self. Oneness with all that is.

The life cycle that I am currently in is that of peace, tranquility, ease, innocence, and deep self-love.  I am in a cycle of gratitude for all that is and all that has been.  I am open to the greatest of potential and possibilities.  I have emerged from a cycle of darkness that brought forth the opportunities to look deep within myself for purpose and for soul level learning.

Spending time looking at my journey I can clearly see all the events and people who held the light as I navigated through the murky waters.  Those that may not even know that their very essence was divine in the time spent with me.  People of the past and present all have been teachers.  As I understand that divinity, I am again reminded of  Oneness.

I intend to ride this wave of innocence and ease with deep gratitude as I tenderly embrace my inner child and my present woman. Like the freshness of the Sedona air, I take in all that I am and all that I have become.



2 thoughts on “Oneness

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