The recent months of my girl’s explosion in developmental growth, I find myself at times in awe of just how awesome she is. Beyond the usual awesomeness, she has shown great development in the very core challenges of autism.

I have seen her planning for future events, easily handling changes, enjoying time with others, wanting to have a sleepover, and expressing emotions. It is as if a switch has been turned on and suddenly the disability is simply a shadow. 

The most recent awesomeness is that she has started thinking about others and their perspectives and how that might relate to her.   In a moment of tears last night she expressed (yes, expressed with words), that she is upset that despite her hard work in a class at school, she has a poor grade. To feel an emotion about her efforts not being recognized or affirmed takes some serious cognitive functioning. And I believe that it also takes her to a deeper emotional level of wanting someone else to see her.  The human desire to be seen.  In the world of autism with my girl, I have rarely seen that.

For now we are going to ride this wave and take in all the great experiences we can–sleepovers, new experiences, and emotional connection.  I sit in awe of who she is.  




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