Every Person

Many years ago I would have laughed at the person strange enough to tell me that every person comes into my life for a reason. I would have chalked this theory up to some far-out woo woo psycho-babble nonsense. Never would I have considered that there may be something amazing within each person who has caused me either pain or joy. Instead I only knew the path I was on and it was there I lived in my self-centered victim state. Poor me.

And then I began to awaken. And then I began to surrender.

Through the awakening process, I have peeled away layers and layers of stuff that no longer serve me. Each layer comes with that little piece that hangs on and needs a little tug to be fully free. That little tug of letting go or making choices. Maybe the little tug is surrendering into your circumstance with the ability to find gratitude even if in the moment it seems like hell.

As I have gotten further into my center, having shed and peeled a lot of layers, I have shifted my perception that it is woo woo psycho-babble to it is complete truth. Indeed every person. Every person single person is here as a teacher. The life-long friend who challenges you to be authentic with who you are today. Your mom who helps you to practice the choice to speak up for yourself. Your disabled daughter who offers you the lesson to love unconditionally. The person at work who helps you to see your own light shine brightly. The homeless young woman standing outside the grocery store gives you the opportunity to be grateful for your trunk full of food. Your lover from years ago who tests you and you pass. A father who has taught you how to be strong and resilient. A brother who reminds you what it means to be compassionate and non-judging. A friend offers you opportunity for truth. Your former husband who reminds you about integrity. The old friend at the bagel shop who makes you laugh as you get your daily coffee refill. Your son who requires you to be patient. The angry man complaining offers you a chance to be kind. The women you overhear complaining about their children teaches you to accept others for where they are at. The friend who understands you and encourages you to be who you are. Your beloved reminds you to receive as well as give. The neighbor who seems so unhappy reminds you to smile. The young person driving and texting reminds you to be wise and that message you want to send can wait. The man who is trapped in a broken body shows you what courage is. The friend who teaches you that you have come so far.

Every person is a guide. Every person is a teacher.

Be still. Listen. Awaken.




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