This I know for certain:  The breath is indeed the bridge between the heart and the mind.  The bridge that leads the soul home and towards a deep discovery.

Like an ocean wave that comes in and rolls out, the breath is a constant and rhythmic force that is true to our very nature.  When we allow the breath to be as effortless as an ocean wave, we are creating a space of harmony between the mind and the heart that cannot be found in the hurried and rushed experience of many humans today.

The essence of who we are is found within the breath.  More specifically, the space between the breath.  It is in this still space we discover who we are.  The quiet rolling of the breath, like the ocean, is where the secrets of our existence illuminate beyond the shadows of the ego.

Take that deep breath and allow the space, and the discovery, to be revealed.  Breathe in the space of discovery and breathe out a deep gratitude for who you are.


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