You’re good, I’m good….

Teaching Yoga at the facility where people with Traumatic Brain Injuries live is difficult to capture in words.  Each time I go, I am offered something beyond anything that I may have been trained for, and certainly I receive more teachings that could ever be offered in a text-book or seminar.

These teachings come from the heart.  These teachings are pure and simplistic in nature.  These teachings are why I go.  They open my heart space to reveal something so primal and so authentic.  It is raw.  It is my soul finding comfort.

This past week as we closed the practice, a young man who I am deeply endeared to offered to speak the closing word ‘Namaste’.  As his hands were pressed together he looked into my eyes and said, “You’re good, I’m good…Namaste”.

Nothing else needed.

Those words guided my week, guided my practice and guided my teaching.  No fancy explanations to anything, no verbiage that is spoken in an often unintelligible language. Just the truth.

You’re good.  I’m good.


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