Little things

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the mentality of more.  Whether it is more time, more money, more love, or more whatever.  It happens.  The fear of not having enough often drives our desire for more.

This morning as I walked alone, I contemplated the idea of recognizing the little things in my life.  Not necessarily the abundance in my life, but rather the little things.  Those little things that make the bigger things even better. My top five for the week:

  • The way the cinnamon tastes in my coffee 
  • That five extra minutes in the morning
  • Time in the car with Evan
  • Watching the crazy curly hair dog at the dog park
  • Blueberries

Easy.  Little things equate to big things when they are noticed.  In doing this, I realized that there really is no need for more of anything.  I have it all.


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