The teacher

I spend 45 minutes a couple of times a week with a group of people who have endured a tragedy of some sorts and in an instant, their lives were altered. These special souls live in a facility for people with traumatic brain injuries and I am the luckiest gal in town to be able to share Yoga with them.

I often block the thought from my mind. Yet, I knew the day would come. The day when one of these special people would be set free.

That day came.

She never once complained about her life, or her body that was limited. In fact she told me, at least once, every single time I saw her that “everyday is a beautiful day”. It was her mantra. With a sense of certainty, she spoke her affirmations with pride. She believed what she spoke and it was with her determined voice that others believed her too. She never had a bad thing to say about anyone. Instead, she encouraged those around her by cheering them on and reminding them of their own courage. For me, having this one special lady join my group of men for Yoga gave me a sense of sisterhood. We often joked that our feminine strength balanced out the male energy in the room. She took her Yoga seriously and often would be found doing poses while the others were settling in or were off-task. She loved to try new poses and sometimes she would tell me just how to do the pose. I occasionally would ask her if she wanted to teach that evening. Shyly, she would say “oh no, you are the teacher”.

Little did she know.

What this woman taught me is simple. Believe without any doubt, that this day is a beautiful day. This day. This moment. She never looked back with sadness or grief, nor did she ever look ahead. She lived now. And she lived now with the genuine feeling–and the knowing–that “everyday is a beautiful day”.

Fly free sweet one….and know that you really always were the teacher.


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