The path of courage

Without knowing it, I was paving a path for my life years ago. I was laying the groundwork for what would turn out to be one of the most meaningful moments in my life.

The appointment was mid-day and the sun was shining bright as I drove to the location where I was going to offer yoga to people with disabilities. I had my speech ready and I repeated it over and over as I drove. I hushed the thoughts that raced through my mind that were laced with doubt. The nervousness that I had in my body was quieted as I walked into the board room. It was quieted by my own courage. Without an intention of receiving anything in return I knew that I was there to give from my heart. Little did I know that I was setting those stones of courage into place along my path that would eventually circle back right to me.

Seven years later, the path of courage has found its way back.

Halfway through the evening class at the brain injury facility, I asked if anyone wanted to stand for a pose. In a quiet voice behind me I heard him say yes. I walked slowly over to him and asked if he was sure. He nodded his head and sat up straighter in his chair. I offered him my hands and cued him where to put his feet. With all of my strength, and all of his courage, he stood. I asked him to look at my face. With focus and effort he lifted his head and our eyes met. The tears instantly pierced my own eyes as I looked directly into the face of courage.

Slowly I took his arms out to the side and he stood in a magnificent modified star pose. His first standing yoga pose. Beaming with happiness we stood together and the others cheered. I whispered in his ear that I was so proud of him. I thanked him.

Had I not had the courage years ago, I would not have been there to see that moment where he stood in star pose. Life is a circle. The path has come back.


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