Weaving the threads

Prompt: Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them.

Part I:  My girl. She was born 19 years ago and remains to be the very reason my life has taken the current path.  Being born with a disability, she unknowingly opened doors not only to my own self-discovery but also doors to opportunity that reach deep into the lives of others. Being her mom I have learned how to love beyond what I thought I was capable of.  Her needs allowed me to uncover the voice within to speak out, and speak up,  for her and for those like her.  Her unique way of living has shown me new ways to see the world.

Part II: My yoga practice.  My practice to honor myself and others.  My practice to surrender. My practice to accept all things happen for a reason. My practice to give, and to receive.

Part III:  My purpose.  Loving unconditionally and seeing the truth of all beings.  Integrating compassion and acceptance into a service to others is my purpose.  Receiving the love and witnessing the courage of people with disabilities through the practice of yoga is my purpose.

Woven into my own tapestry is the thread of compassion and acceptance.  For myself.  For my daughter. For those I serve.  The start of this thread began with my girl.  I know for certain beyond anything else, that had she not been born with a disability, I would not know the practice and I would have yet to discover my purpose.  My path would be completely different.  This tapestry is so beautiful in how it has unfolded. When I take the time to look back and scan behind me the ribbon that is my life ,  I know that she truly is the common thread that has been woven into my life.


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