The Stones for my Spirit

I woke up with a very strong sense I needed to do something.  I have done this ‘something’ two other times in my recent years.  More specifically, since I ‘woke up’.  The message to go came by way of a dream and I knew that it was time.

I needed to go find the stone that was seeking me to find it.  Before you stop reading and tell yourself that I am completely nuts, hear me out.

The first time I walked into this swanky little rock and mineral shop I was with the three other women. We had recently gone on a long hike and I was struggling within myself.  I was struggling with relationships, especially relationships with women.  I found myself meandering around the store self-consciously.  I was unclear if I wanted to look at anything, much less buy anything.  Within a few minutes I was looking at a case of rings and was drawn to the dark reddish stones of Carnelian.  At this time in my life I was contemplating divorce, miserable in my job, and struggling deeply with discovering who I really was.  I slipped the dark red ring easily on my finger and immediately knew I needed to buy it. After doing some research about this gem, I found that Carnelian aids in understanding the inner self.  It helps one to increase self-worth. It assists in creativity and has a clearing effect aiding one to find direction.  The grounding effect helps one to feel more in control. Clearly given the state of my turmoiled life, this was the perfect stone for me. I needed to be grounded and I needed to open myself up to my inner self.

My next trip to this special place was after my divorce and I was struggling with changes and the unfolding of my life.  I was spending much of  my time with anxiety and fear.  I struggled to believe in myself and in the inner wisdom of my spirit.  I worried endlessly. Again, I was called to find something.  Again, I walked in.  Again, I went right to the case where I would find what I needed.  This time I found a Labradorite.  And again I went home to research this stone. Labradorite is said to provide relief from anxiety, depression and hopelessness, replacing those feelings with confidence and inspiration. It is also said to squelch negativity and bring clearer understanding through clarity of thought. It helps to bring one back into harmony. Labradorite is also said to give perseverance and strength when one is experiencing times of change and conflict. I wore this stone daily for months and months and then it seemed as I settled into my life and I delved into my spirit, I wore it less and less.  Several months ago, the stone popped out.  I found the loose stone, but have not felt a need to get the ring repaired.  It seems that my need for strength and perseverance has dissipated and while I find the stone to be beautiful, I have not felt inclined to fix and wear this one.

This brings me to today.  Several days ago I woke with the thought that it was time for me to go back to the little stone shop.  Just like a repeat, I walked to the case, saw the ring and it slipped onto my finger with ease.  I felt no need to look at other stones.  The coolness of the Moonstone immediately felt nice on my finger and I was excited to get home and do my research. Moonstone vibrates with the feminine wisdom and Goddess energy of the waxing and full Moon. This stone has a reflective and calming energy.  It helps to beings balance and harmony. It soothes stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.  Most importantly, it offers greater flexibility and flow with life.  I have been yearning for a coolness and a calmness in my life.  The summer months are hard for me–being a Pitta I run hot and I crave things that heat me up causing me quickly to be out of balance–emotionally and physically.  I have recently been feeling like I was not in the flow of my life. The Moonstone is a perfect choice for me right now.

Intuition is a blessing.  There is something beautiful about knowing, really knowing, what it is your spirit is seeking. I am so grateful to listen and to follow the messages that come my way.  It brings my heart peace knowing that the answers are within. 



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