The sleepover

Waking up the morning following my girls very first sleep over I am finding myself really grateful. I am so grateful for my girl, quirks and rule follower that she is.

I watched from a distance last night as the power of peers was able to overcome the rules that have been part of her life forever. Rules she has created for herself in an attempt to have predictability. Over the years she has been able to have some flexibility within the rules, but when she is left to her own rhythm there are definite parameters.

According to the girl, you never eat ice cream right after dinner—last night she did. You never open new ice cream when there is one already open—last it she did. You never, ever, ever reheat pizza and eat it, especially after just eating ice cream—last night she did.

As the night went on and I continued to check in with them, mostly through texting, I could tell when the power of the peer was speaking. The language and the questions were not those of my girl. As bedtime approached I got the usual texts and found comfort in the simplicity of her language and expression.

I enjoyed the giggles and the excitement that my girl had. It was a pleasure to see her happy and with a friend. And yet, I look forward to the time of drop off when I can return to the simplicity and rule following that my girl lives by.

I am reminded of how far we have come and how far we could go. I am reminded of the vulnerability and simplicity she is. I am reminded of the innocence that she has. I am reminded that although she is 19 years old she is natural and childlike. I am reminded just how awesome she truly is.



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