Soul to Soul

It is my belief that if you are one of the lucky ones to experience a soul connection beyond the romantic or familial relationships a human being typically experiences then your heart has an opening unlike anything else.

I am one of those lucky ones.

I get to experience a soul connection with another soul that cannot be easily described. There is an understanding and a knowing that just exists.  Beyond any time or space, I know that this interlacing of souls is divinely guided to open up my heart to the greatest level of compassion that I could ever dream to experience.  This experience does not come from a space of pity, but rather it is a shared experience of trust and honor.

Twelve years ago his life was changed in a moment of hatred.  His future as he knew it was immediately ripped from him.  Within minutes he was destined for a wheelchair and complete dependency on others for the rest of life. And yet, somehow this horrific event has allowed me to know him. His life was not wasted as it may appear to someone looking in.  His life has changed mine.

Today I celebrated him.  I celebrated his birthday and him. I thanked him for being who he is.  I told him I was glad he was born and that I knew him. I told him that his life has meaning.

It is simple really; by knowing him I am a better human being. My life has been enriched and my soul has experienced a connection that few get to experience.

Today, I celebrate him.


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