Recent readings about the art of grace in daily living have stirred up my commitment of this year being one which I intend to be carried through the fluctuating ebbs and flows with grace. A challenge for me as I tend to be one that jumps into situations in a completely ungraceful manner.

And yet despite my tendency to have days jam packed with appointments and to-do’s, I have sensed an internal state of grace being fostered like a seed in soil. Sometimes without even knowing it, I have been sprinkling the seed of grace with the life force it needs to become a vibrant and viable part of my life.

To me, grace is the ability to accept and surrender. Grace is knowing that everything happens for a reason and to eliminate the word ‘why’ in my vocabulary. Grace is the laughter and ease that comes from the soul. Grace is the simplicity in daily living. It is making choices that elevate me, whether that choice involves the foods I eat, the people I surround myself with, or what thoughts I allow to become words. Grace is granting myself permission to explore my emotions and feelings without judgement. Grace is that comfortable place in my heart that knows.


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