Truth and the Labyrinth

Feeling as though my life has been tossed into a labyrinth I am lost deep in the middle of the maze. I am wandering, seeking, and yearning.  Still within a long and painful physical recovery, coupled by some emotional pain, I have once again been brought literally to my knees in search of clarity.  I want out of the maze.  I want to see the glorious sunshine again.  I want to smell the scents of peace and of hope.  I want to feel the embrace of happiness.

As I attempt to make my way out of the labyrinth, I prepare to make changes in my life that I hope will show me the way.  In doing this, I consider letting go of the identification of being a yoga teacher. I step away from the front of class and delve deep into my own practice.   I know that this practice will need to be one of healing and of nurturing for my own heart. I know that the practice will also need to be deeply guided by Love.  Here I reside in the lost caverns of the maze, and I feel great sadness. I grieve and I feel the loss.  I cry tears of sadness and I say goodbye to a dear, dear friend.

Another change is again looking at the people in my life that elevate me and serve my highest good, and those that do not.  It is recognizing that some of the people have served their time on my path and it is time to wish them well.  Setting boundaries with myself to ensure that I am not only held  always by light and love, but I am valued beyond measure.  And it means also embracing those in my life that love me unconditionally and provide me with encouragement and love.

As I step away, I also step closer to seeing the sunshine again.  Smelling the scents of freedom and of blissful joy. May each step bring me closer to the Truth.


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