tem·po·rar·y; adjective…..lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent.
The colors I see outside my window are temporary.  Soon they will diminish and what will be before me will shift into a different hue.  Not long after my eyes become accustomed to those colors they will again will change.
Nature is temporary.
The man I once loved lying in a hospital bed near death is temporary. The transition will come.  The pain and suffering will be replaced by something else.  It is his destiny as to what is next.
Life is temporary.
The  physical challenges that exist within me are temporary.  There will be new discoveries and adaptations to what was once my routine. I will learn and grow.  My body will adjust.  My spirit will prevail.
Illness is temporary.
The emotional upheavals that exist during times of crisis will flow beyond.  Like a river with large stones, the water will pass over and around the turbulence and continue down stream making its way to its destination. The rocks exist to help shape who I am.
Feelings are temporary.
The judgements and opinions once uttered can be called back.  The karmic flow can be interrupted and peace can be found.  When the cycle of karma is brought into the sacred space of my heart, I can release the old and embrace the new.
Karma is temporary.

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