This endeavor

The epiphany I had the other night was a gentle reminder of what I have known for so long.  Yet it seems that this knowing is so easy to forget.  The forgotten message was “stop fearing what you do not know and have faith”.  Ahhhh yes, trusting myself and my own internal wisdom.  I realize that I have gotten caught up in my fear and the stories in my head, rather than trusting in myself and my power of thought and action.

Like most endeavors that I take on in my life, either willingly or not, I do so with as much enthusiasm and effort that I can muster.  This endeavor will be no different.  Armed with books and guides to support me I am ready to take it on.

I got this.

I am willing to think that perhaps my situation is the doorway that I am being beckoned to walk through.   I believe that this doorway has led me to a greater appreciation for my body and for my health.  More so I think that I am being drawn towards the challenge to love myself unconditionally, trust in my own wisdom, and surrender….completely surrender.








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