Years and years I have been torn about completing my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification.  I have taught hundreds of classes with just my simple ‘yoga instructor ‘ certification that I obtained in a weekend, although I have studied under a master teacher since I first unrolled my mat 9 years ago.

I have hidden behind the shame of not having the “official” 200 hours.  And yet, I know that a piece of paper will not change how I teach from my heart.  Instead, this piece of paper and extensive training will enhance me personally.  It will help me to affirm the worthiness of me.  It will allow me to allow others to help me, so that I can commit time to the training and the involved work in self-study. It will slowly peel away the baggage of shame that I have carried on my shoulders since I first became a yoga instructor.

My intention is to grow as a person and as a teacher.  My intention is to love each moment and to be challenged by the content.  I know that this will be an accomplishment that I have longed for and I will feel great contentment when I am complete.  I can finally, finally put the fear aside and the shame aside.

I know for absolute sure that it will only bring more to my heart-felt teaching.  Piece of paper or not, this is finally something I can cross off my list of hopes for my personal growth.


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