Full Circle

Last night I received an unexpected message from my oldest son.  Earlier in the evening, he had attended an autism film festival benefit event. As he comes into his own life and deals with the loss of his dad, I see him struggling to make sense of his path, his life, his choices, and the people who have been part of his journey. And then in the unexpected, his heart opens and he sees.  Like a sunrise, I see that he is coming into a newness of clarity and hope.

The message:

You are unbelievable. They had one called 4 fathers. 4 dads that were so damn amazing for their autistic kids. So great to see them. I Cried/couldn’t look the whole time. Made me realize how fucked it up it was. The dejection/rejection and actions of forgetting on his part. But then also the amazing, beautiful job you did. Of taking on two superhero capes. Make that 6. You had to be completely different parents for all of us. And be both parents at the same time. Just wow. Every man can say they love their mom, but not many can say Youre a gift to the world mom.

The circle of affirmation.  As parents we selflessly give to our children with no expectations.  It is a rare and beautiful gift when they mirror back to you the sacrifices and love that was given.  It is then that the circle comes together.


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