The Edge

A recent question given to me to answer:  What is your edge?

The action tense of the word ‘edge’ is defined as move gradually, carefully, or furtively in a particular direction. In my own words this is described as wandering closely and mindfully along the sharpness of two aspects. This can be in an external sense, or also in an internal sense. Either way as a person grows, the edge becomes a part of their discovery and how they live in the space of faith, not fear.

The internal edge that I am currently walking is honoring the introvert in me while also recognizing that being more outward with people with enhance my life. I am gradually moving toward that space of balance where my introvert needs are met by finding myself in nature and alone to refuel and also surrounding myself with people. Sometimes these people are people whom I have shared interests and other times, it is placing myself in a setting where I must seek out people to connect to. To me, this is my current internal edge.

The external edge is through my physical health. I push myself in a pose that I may have previously avoided, such as an arm balance or an inversion. I also am pushing myself to find that balance on the mat of knowing when to stop, knowing when to let go and knowing what feels right in my body. I have a tendency to latch onto something, like kickboxing or cycling, and take my body to the point of exhaustion. This is not the edge; rather it is the bottom of a deep ravine that I am working to not sink into again. By knowing and understanding my edge physically, I can be more mindful of how I treat my body and what will be a choice that serves me.

Regardless of which edge I am lingering on, there is growth to be had. When I extend myself socially or interpersonally I am growing. When I surrender into a space of rest, I am growing. If a person chooses to never walk the line of an edge, one may never know their full potential. It is in the risk of taking that little push into the next comfort zone that one finds faith.

Faith is the safety net of any edge.


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