24 hours to live

If I had just 24 hours to live.

When my soul chose this life it was destined to discover the meaning of grace. My soul came into form with a purpose. At the end of my life, I would want to know that I have broken through the wall of worthiness and shame.  Similar to my end of year journal reflection, I would spend quality time reflecting on my entire life. I would make peace with the things that did not go as I had planned and find gratitude for how they did. I would accept those things that remain a challenge. I would forgive.

My last day on this Earth, I would want to experience happiness and peace. I would want to know that I made a difference in this world. I would want to eliminate any questions of what I was here to learn. I would want to see in the eyes of those I love that they know without any doubt that I adore them.

I would spend time in nature. I would touch the trees and sit on the rocks. I would breathe in the abundance of life that exists around me. I would notice every flower, every bug, and every bird. I would sit in the glory of my favorite trail and be grateful.

I would hold the hands of my children. I would look into their eyes and trust that we will dance again. I would laugh with them and show them that freedom is available through choice.

I would want to take my last breath knowing that I was an example. I would want to know that I did what I came here to do, and that is to love. Love myself so that I can love others.


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