Rhythm: any sequence of regularly recurring functions or events

Being the observer of myself I seek to find rhythm.  I look around my surroundings and I see the rhythm of other living things and know that I too will settle into my own.

Like the flower that knows exactly when to emerge from the hardened soil of winter or the butterfly that escapes the comfort of cocoon, I too will find that freedom.  I know that while at times, my life appears to be a continual cycle of re-learning or re-experiencing, my soul is yearning for the rhythm of the present.  Perhaps that yearning is indeed my soul revisiting the very things that I am needing to learn or perhaps it is a different offering that I have not yet discovered.  Either way, I continue to find the rhythm in the now.

It becomes so easy to mistake the busy schedules of my ‘purpose’, when indeed my life is meant to be in a state of ease. It is here where rhythm comes in, or more importantly this is where I choose. I have the ability to choose when and where I give away my spirit and more importantly, I choose how to refuel the energy that I have used up.  This morning while walking and while looking around my surroundings that answer came easily.

I refuel by settling.  I refuel by taking the pause between actions, between thoughts and I let the present moment, this breath, be me.

This breath is my rhythm.


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