Color everywhere

My morning walks are my sacred time to think, process, grieve, celebrate, or allow whatever else that my spirit may be seeking. Almost every morning I either bundle up with layers, or on days like today, I jump into shorts and a tank top and head out. Either way, the time alone is precious and nourishing.

About half way through my jaunt I felt overwhelmed by gratitude. As if I was within the beautiful landscape, I became one with the multitude of colors and sounds. Birds and trees enveloped me as I realized how alive with the surroundings I was. No longer in my head, I was completely in the moment. Completely. Standing in stillness, in total awe for what my eyes and ears experienced. I became so grateful for this day.

Colors everywhere, sounds everywhere, life everywhere. I couldn’t help but take this photo displaying a sea of yellow wild flowers. My cow friends still slumbering in an adjacent pasture, this one field remained pristine in the morning sky.



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