Summer List

I love summer.  I love everything about it.  I love the pace life becomes and the ease in which each day unfolds.  Sitting in my garden this afternoon, inspired me to make a list of all that I love about this season.  Here goes:

  • watching flowers open and close
  • the first glimpse of a tomato
  • morning coffee on my east facing porch
  • long walks with a slower than normal pace
  • the ability to teach yoga, and even more yoga
  • eating fresh flavorful grilled food with fresh herbs
  • organic and locally grown produce
  • blueberries…lots and lots of blueberries
  • reading novel after novel
  • riding my bike with the destination and purpose simply to get a great cup of coffee
  • teaching outdoor yoga….especially nightfall full-moon yoga
  • rainstorms that lead to plump trees and pretty rainbows
  • visiting with neighbors outside
  • the rare moment when my eyes close for a cat-nap during the day
  • time to ponder things
  • morning birds and evening frogs
  • crisp, chilled sauvignon blanc
  • the sound of a distant ice cream truck
  • seeing joy in the eyes of others

When fall comes, I know that I will lovingly welcome that season as well, as it offers many wonderful things too.  For now though, I shall sip on my wine, plan the next weeks yoga classes and watch my tomatoes grow.



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