Dear Physical Body,

I am no longer attempting to ask why.  I no longer see this pain as a message for me to do anything different.  I am not questioning my purpose, my choices or even the divinity or timeliness of what you are experiencing.

Instead, I am loving every inch of you.  I am feeling the sensations of pain with an awe for what you can endure.  I am trusting that the messages that you are sending to my spiritual self are exactly what I need in order to take on this very real challenge.

I look at each limb, joint, fingernail, and inch of skin with adoration for all that you have allowed me to find joy in.  I know that my Yoga practice, my years on the bike, and the miles I have walked have all been beautiful gifts.  I recall the younger years of my youth and a soft smile comes across my face with memories of the vigor that you brought into my life.

Rather than push through this with determination for something different to happen, I am instead simply observing.  I am insightful as to what you need and what you crave. I am honoring you.  I am present with what you are feeling and experiencing. More than the presence, I am trusting in your infinite wisdom.

In gratitude,



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