Full Circle

How is possible that within this last week I have had my girls last IEP meeting ever, AND I resigned from the day job that ends my daily life in the school district??

Well it is indeed possible.  The road does end.  The end of an era for both me, and for her.

The job served me well, and in turn I was blessed to experience countless families and young people with disabilities–all of them in some ways teachers for me. From humble moments to ah-ha’s to painful losses, each year and each student valuable on my journey  and each one so critical  to get me to the end.  Critical for me as a person, and definitely for me as a mom.

The morning of the girl’s final meeting, I walked along the banks of the wetlands near my home and I stood in awe of how I had come to be here on the morning of her final IEP. Like a ribbon from my heart, I reviewed in my mind all the years of heartache and advocacy.  I watched as we have both grown into our own skin more comfortably.  I recalled the things that were once so important to me, no longer really a big deal.  I stood with great pride for who she has become, and for who she has revealed in me.

On this final day of my job, I stopped at my nearby grocery store and how magnificently timely was it to walk right into the very first student I ever worked with—-an awesome guy with Aspergers.  Now, a grown man working at the grocery store, and happy doing so.  We stood and talked and were both happy to see each other after so many years.  It was like the icing the cake….or the final hoorah for me to seal the deal that I have indeed come full circle. The Universe works in magical ways.

This chapter closes on a wonderful, heart warming career.  My next page is blank. Somehow I imagine that whatever is written will remain heart warming and meaningful….for both me, and my girl.






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