Joyfully ecstatic

Many have asked what I have done in the first few days of my newly discovered freedom.  How does one begin to describe what joyful things I have done?  Mundane to some, joyful to me; organizing cabinets, walking the dog for pleasure not demand, sitting on the porch, pondering life’s big questions, watering my garden, spending time with my favorite girl, and ghastly I even found myself ironing a few shirts. More than the tasks, I have been nurturing me.

In doing this, I have definitely noticed a complete shift in my energy. No longer do I feel like I am carrying the energy sucking leeches on my body.  I have an extraordinary amount of energy and a significant lightness of being. I am joyful, airy, giggly and totally relaxed.  So relaxed that when I mistakenly erased my entire contents of email, I handled it remarkably well.  I even told the lady at the Apple store that since I am practicing non-attachement, it was all good.

Adding to my relaxed state of mind, I have been incredibly creative.  Being creative is our nature; how it looks for me may be entirely different from someone who is creative with music or art.  I am creative with my house, the foods I cook, and in my desire to define my purpose.  I know for certain that I am supposed to share my blessings with others, perhaps in person or in the vastness of the internet.  Check out my new blog that has a different flare and a different tone than this one; less personal, and yet I hope to still convey my personality and my deep desire to be authentic.

You see,  I am joyfully ecstatic with my new life.  It is amazing to just be home, talk with my girl or listen to her sing, be surrounded by my blessings, and simply…be me.


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