another way

I am totally not a salesperson.  I am so far removed from 1:1 interactions that I will 99% of the time send you to voicemail simply so that I can text you a response.  I loathe talking on the telephone.  I dislike parties.  I really don’t like to even go out to a restaurant, though that may be because I have become one of the pickiest eaters around.  Well, I prefer to say choosey, rather than picky. This all goes away however of course if I am in front of a group of people on yoga mats.  Then I become alive.

I have been blessed with teaching yoga for over 8 years and the groups have been dynamic in every sense of the word. I have shared my passion with a variety of people and it has truly been a gift to me. In learning and experiencing awareness in the body through Yoga, I have also discovered the deep connection between how I care for my body. Over the years I have struggled with weight and health issues, especially following a complete hysterectomy at age 30. Despite years of struggles, I am settling into a space where  I am doing really, really well. I eat a really clean diet and I also incorporate healthy exercise into my daily routine. No longer am I killing it in kickboxing or swimming laps and laps.  I have eased into a routine of yoga, pilates, walking and movement.  My body is happy to no longer ache daily.

When I first began teaching yoga, I used essential oils to compliment the experience for the participants; adding a bit of lavender or peppermint gave a nice touch to the class in savasana. A few years later, I began to use lavender and other oils to reduce anxiety, help me sleep, or clear my sinuses. It wasn’t until the last 6 months or so that I really began to get a better connection between oils and my health. dōterra means “gift of the earth” and it truly is a gift. I have done some studying and research on these oils and feel confident in discovering an alternative to the modern medicine where I have endured side effects and not so great success. The simplicity and going back to nature for remedies is a refreshing alternative.

I am so grateful that I have spent the last 9 years waking up and discovering a better me everyday.  Whether it is better in my actions and my words, or simply how I choose to spend my day, I am cultivating the best version of me. No longer closed-minded or making decisions out of fear,  I have found that there is another way and it is really, really exciting.

So here is where the anti-sales pitch comes into play.  Just learn, then choose.  Either way, own it. Own your choice.

If you wanna learn more about the benefits of essential oils, check out, trust me you will be amazed at what two drops of an oil can do for you and your family.


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