Authentic Gratitude

This time of year I hear many people, including myself, speak of gratitude. It seems that with Thanksgiving and the month of November, gratitude is on everyone’s mind.  I love the energy of gratitude and it warms my heart to hear the expressions of gratitude from others.

I have been a practitioner of  conscious gratitude for about seven years by keeping a gratitude journal and always embedding gratitude into my yoga teaching as intention.  In doing this I have experienced great healing and peace.  It is so grounding to me to acknowledge the good in my life.

I probably have known this for a long time, but I was reminded  in a loud and booming ah-ha moment…..One can not truly feel gratitude for one’s life until they can deeply experience empathy for those with less.  When this occurs, gratitude pours forth from the heart.  It is then that gratitude is authentic and real.

Yes indeed.


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