2014 thread

As I have written previously year ends, I love love love this week of the year.  It is as if the Universe takes a giant *sigh* and settles.  That pause that comes between the hecticness and the newness.  My favorite week to reflect and to pour over each page of my journal, finding myself in awe of how life unfolds. As I have reflected I see that this year included physical pain, emotional turmoil, celebrations, resignation from a career, deep acceptance, wonderful new friendships, vulnerability and courage, spiritual growth, and so much more.

Each year I write a word(s) on the front cover of my perfectly chosen journal.  I am never sure just how the words will be like a thread woven into my tapestry, but time and time again, it seems that it works that way.

Upon reading this year’s pages, I was reminded of the many days that there was beauty beyond what I can capture here.  Quotes, messages, gifts, and divinely guided tidbits of goodness that helped me time and time again become a better version of who I am.

My favorite lines/quotes/gifts of 2014’s journal were these:

Thank you for accepting the gift you were given.

And soon, there will be a lightness of your being.

You will know when I am near.

Does our human ability to think interfere with our heart’s desires?

What will my kids keep as tradition when I am gone?

Four Passions of the Soul–joy, grief, hope, fear

A woman of many loves, I am grateful to have loved and been loved.

Experiencing deep empathy for others with less is authentic gratitude.

What is my part in this?

Life is a responsibility and a privilege.

Eliminate the noise.

Do you see me, and do you like what you see?

And so the next thread prepares to be woven. I welcome all that 2015 will bring.

Om Shanti.




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