Rewarding moments

It is the most rewarding moment as a momma to get heart-felt messages from your young adults.  Both my boys gave me the greatest gift ever—to be appreciated and to be seen.

From the oldest:

Mama, What a wild year of 43 it was for you. I have seen so much personal growth in you this last year, through struggles, frustration, change, independence, and self-love. I am so happy to see you happy and content with yourself in life, as I feel this is the first time in a long time you have truly felt that way. It has taught me to love every little thing I have in life too, and appreciate the moment, live for it, because it doesn’t stick around forever.  Quitting a job you were obviously much better than and overqualified for, to pursue your passion, your dream, has turned into your DESTINY. and my Oh my, what a beautiful thing it is to watch. Thank you for teaching me to appreciate life and the passions I have, and to live for the present. I owe you my life mother, I love you.  Happy happy birthday.

From the youngest:

Love and appreciate you more than you could ever imagine.  Flowers and a card is nothing to show you how much I appreciate you.  You have made me into the young adult I have aspired to be.  I am glad NOT that I chose you….but that YOU chose me.  

My girl came into the kitchen this morning and leaned into me. She handed me a hand drawn sketch of a cat (I think) and asked when we were leaving to go get coffee. :)  I know she loves me because she tells random people about my life and my birthday.

It is so awesome to be a momma.


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