Shine On

I have found that the last several weeks I have had an undercurrent of anxiety, agitation, and uncertainty.  While I am aware of these feelings, I have found that my actions and my words have been not only feeding that energy but have caused me to really look inward to my own shit opportunity to grow.

During these few weeks I have been looking at my ego and my own responsibility in the my response to the actions of others.  Going back and forth within my own story I found myself used gossip and repeating of the “story” as a way to cope with my personalized feelings of discontent.

I became lost within the story. I was experiencing life from a place I do not ever want to–victim and blame.  I was struggling internally with being valued and being seen.  I was expecting others to behave a way that truly is none of my business.  I was putting a stamp of personalization on my experiences.


Today I woke up with words repeating in my head: ‘shine on and ‘live from the space of love, always’.  Choose to get out the story.  Choose to love.  Choose to own what is yours and move on, with love.  Always with love.

That is truth.   Shine on.


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