First Raven

Through a Yoga client who lives with MS,  I was led to an artist who teaches art classes called ‘Painting the Soul’.  In this class the students are led onto the blank canvas using their own internal courage and whisperings to create what is seeking to be expressed.  Some techniques are given but really the experience is to explore both the process of painting as well as what is lurking inside the painters unspoken soul.

What began with “wandering” some yellow onto the stark white canvas, then layers upon layers of colors, and finally a calling for a bird, I created a painting that will tell countless stories each time I look at it.  For me, the layers and layers of color are significant to the depth of my soul and the layers that I have yet to reveal.  The glory and excitement of painting such an amazing end-product cannot be overshadowed by the courage and trust that I experienced in the process.  Trust of myself and courage to ‘mess up’ and keep creating.


The meaning of the Raven symbol signifies that danger has passed and that good luck would follow.  According to Native American legends and myths of some tribes the Raven played a part in their Creation myth. The raven escaped from the darkness of the cosmos and became the bringer of light to the world. The raven is associated with the creation myth because it brought light where there was only darkness. The raven is also believed to be a messenger of the spirit world. It is believed that ravens who fly high toward the heavens take prayers from the people to the spirit world and, in turn, bring back messages from the spiritual realm.


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