My Meadow

I see in my mind a meadow.  A vast and glorious meadow filled with a lifetime of flowers.  Each flower represents a memory in my life.

As I wander down the worn path through the meadow, I marvel at the sizes and shapes of the expression of my life in floral form.  In the distance I see the flowers of my childhood; first bike, my best friend, love from my grandmother.  I see the flowers of my young adult and the time when I became a mom.  Bright and vibrant flowers that cover the endless space of my mind.

Within the beautiful meadow of my life there is also things that have grown that attempt to choke out the flowers–weeds of self-doubt and judgement.  I am taking the time to clean up my space, tug at the things that do not belong and make room for new flowers to emerge.

New memories and new blossoms.



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