It has been said that the process of any major life change is similar to that of birthing a baby.

The impending months of worry, anticipation, questioning, and learning.  Then as the days get closer, the pain and discomfort get more real.  The pressure inside becomes unbearable and the reality of what is happening becomes startling.  The labor pains may take weeks, or even months, when in a major life change and the pain comes and goes just like a contraction. At the moment you feel like you are about to emerge from this womb, there is an intense and insufferable pain that nearly takes you to your knees.

And then.

The first breath. The first look around.  Whatever it is that was seeking to be birthed in you has come. You see the new space, the job, the new home, the new outlook, the new life.

And you move on, hopefully with grace and gratitude.


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