My Roots

The last seven days I have experienced countless moments of deeply rooted memories.  My senses have been flooded with timeless encounters from my childhood into early adulthood.

My feet touch the sidewalk in which my sweet grandmother and I used to walk along.  My nose takes in the smell of the trees and the old homes.  I hear the different songs of the birds and the quiet sounds of a street called ‘Pleasant’.  I see with my eyes my first husband’s home where years of memories lay within the walls.  I stand on the bridge in which I once walked over to begin a new life.  I listened at he sounds of trash trucks in the alley. I stand in awe a the vision of the mountains nearly close enough to touch where my feet have walked miles and my eyes have shed many tears.  My hands brush across trees that are decades old. I drive by the sight of the park in which my fear of difference was unlocked. And I experience the steady knowing that the house I lived in when I was born is just two blocks away.

Like paving stones on my path I see that each one has a pivotal role in my life today.  Without them all laid out as they are, I would not have been able to circle around to this experience.  A completeness about my life.  Going back to my roots, my beginnings.

Each day, I take this in. And I am incredibly grateful to look back at the ribbon of my life and see all the magnificence that has helped me to arrive here today.


One thought on “My Roots

  1. Very Beautiful Thank You For Sharing. A few times a year I visit the area where I spent my entire childhood. Sometimes I drive by and sometimes I park and just look. Taking in the memories of my childhood. I may do that again right now…Thank You. I may need to connect I still haven’t made my mind a bit nervous thinking about it. Interesting. Thank You Very Much. That was beautiful

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