Puppy Love

We know that animals can bring great companionship and love to us humans. The unconditional love that a furry friend teaches us is one of the greatest feelings in the world.  I recall a time when I first adopted my dog and we were at the dog park where he was far away in the distance sniffing and exploring.  Suddenly he stopped, and began to look around only to recognize me from afar and sprint towards me with the most love I have ever seen.

This last Mother’s Day I had a strong calling to get the girl her own puppy after years of her begging–not just any puppy, but a Pug.  Finding a Pug puppy that isn’t from a pet store/puppy mill was a challenge in itself, but once again the Universe provides all that I need.  I opened up my computer that morning and checked craigslist and sure enough a person about two miles away had Pug puppies ready that very day.

We have now had this little creature in our home since May and I have seen my girl take all the love that she has in her heart and give it to this dog.  She is so responsible, so loving and so attentive.  I have watched my girl have the maternal panic of something may be wrong when the puppy was being examined for the first time.  My girl has extended herself in communication and advocacy when making the appointments for the vet and then being the person who the vet speaks to about the health of her baby. She feeds, clean ups, walks and watches the puppy without any reminders or support from me.

What I have seen the most in my girl since being this little puppy’s mom, is the deep love that exists in each of us. Uninhibited and fully present love.  It is a beautiful thing.


2 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. OMGosh!!! So cute! Sounds like a wonderful addition to your house. We have been considering getting a pug to go with our Boston.

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