Not completely certain just what to do with this blog arena now that ‘the girl’ and the boys are basically grown up. No longer does the tag line for my blog apply, so I have been searching as to what to do with it.  Recent months I had begun to compile the pertinent posts of awakening and of growth in the areas of parenting, especially as it relates to disabilities into a book format but realize that even those really are really no longer a huge arena for me.  IEP meetings are over, skills are skills, and autism is autism.  Having once been so focused on working through autism/disability, I am now working within autism.  I am no longer so focused on goals and data and am more in harmony with her happiness and the what her day looks like as it relates to meaning and value.  My boys are men and they are in charge of their own path.

I have been dabbling with a wellness blog, and that seems to be more of my focus these days.  Yoga, meditation, gratitude and wholehearted vibrancy for day to day life. If you are not following that one, I suggest you check it out and see what I am up to over there.  www.embracingwisdom.wordpress.com

In the mean time, I will sit with this blog and look for that internal wisdom that is always present when I take the time to listen. 


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