Enough is enough I say.

Not too many months ago I was living in the glory of my own badassery skills and fully confident in not only my astounding technique of dicing out the bullshit from others and seeking truth, but also in my ability to love myself. I was proud of my accomplishments, my path, my truth and even my dark places.

It seems however that the last few months rather than reveling in the warrior light that I am, I have been spinning myself in circles while staying stuck in the shadows in search of some magical tool.

Wait a second. Nothing needs fixed. Polished and shined up from time to time–yes!  But I have forgotten that the magic already exists beneath the sometimes tarnished surface.

I am the magic.

I am the girl who is a seeker. I am wise and savvy. I am the woman who embodies compassion and love.  I am the bright light in the world of many dark spaces.  I am beautiful and I am funny. I am a giver of grace.  I am sassy and vibrant.  I am a soul that walks the path of truth.  I am integrity and diligence.  I yearn for equality and inclusion.  I am one with nature. I am the biggest fan of the underdog.  I am light.

I am also scared and vulnerable.  I am afraid to ask for help.  I struggle to receive. I beg myself to lessen the intensity and accept joy. I am far too critical of myself.  I am lost at times.  I long to let love in.

Enough is enough.

Self-help books can be put aside and the long sleepless nights of searching for answers can be replaced with meaningful passages of grace and with luscious sleeps of renewal.  Days of worry can be restored with contagious bouts of laughter and connection.  A life of fear can be revived with a life of bliss.

Those glorious things could never possibly be enough.


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