So It Ends and Begins

The Dhamma, the truth taught by the Buddha, is uncovered gradually through sustained practice. The Buddha made clear many times that Awakening does not occur like a bolt out of the blue to the untrained and unprepared mind. Rather, it culminates a long journey of many stages. (“Dhamma”, by Access to Insight)

The long journey of many stages of my Awakening continues.  The unpeeling of layers in search for the hidden caverns of my soul. Sometimes painful and sometimes beautiful, it truly is the unraveling that brings one to the next stage of growth.

My quest for freedom.  My desire to fly. What began early this year is coming to its final days in my current space. As my wings began to spread in the early months of 2015, I took refuge in the days of summer in my landing spot–a beautiful bungalow located on a street called Pleasant.  The space has served me well and gratitude fills my heart for the safety and groundedness that the house offered me.

Now, my wings are ready to be expanded again after a short resting period.

I am ready to fly into the next stage of my journey.



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