Discover–to find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search. Find, locate, come across/upon, stumble on, chance on, light on, bring to light, uncover, unearth, turn up, track down.

On January 1st, I sat down and wrote about my ‘word of the year’, which was Discover.

On this early morning, I sit down in the quiet after reading my last page of this year’s journal and reflect on what I have discovered.

I discovered what it means to really listen to the whisperings of the soul.  I stepped away from an experience that was diminishing me. While this was one of the most difficult things for me to do, I did so with courage and as a result, I discovered my resiliency. Throughout the early parts of the year, I discovered the inner voice that was waiting to be spoken for many, many years.

I learned that I am worthy.

I also discovered a deeper personal practice that includes ritual of daily yoga, meditation, reflection and intention.  I faced life with a stronger sense of self and I courageously moved forward in a way that serves my soul.

Volunteering in hospice has become one of my greatest heart treasures.  By witnessing this incredible process, I have committed to living a life that is full of hope and happiness, rather than fear and pain.

Discovering a healthier relationship with my body and finding a softer acceptance of myself has been a source of freedom to me.  Learning, or re-learning,  that life is a continual flow has been comforting.

This year, I moved twice and discovered just how badass I can be in times of turmoil. Efficiency and organization was paramount.

I discovered magnificent new trails to hike.  I developed friendships and relationships that feed me.  I jumped back on my bicycle and enjoyed the joy of speed and wind-blown freedom of riding again.

I discovered the solitude that was inevitable when my youngest son moved out and the reality of my life with just my girl was in my face.  Settling into that new quietness required a willingness to accept.

As I close up this chapter, I do so with gratitude.  I have discovered many beautiful things and know that 2015 will be one that I remember fondly through the lens of fearlessness and bravery.

The year in which I owned my life.





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