2016 day one

Just like the past nine years, I took off on a solo hike this first day of the year to listen to the inner voice and the voice of Spirit guiding me as to what intention might be woven into my life for 2016.

My mind was a flurry of thoughts, which I struggled to clear well into the first two miles.  As I rounded a bend in the trail that took me into the sunny meadow, I said “give me the word”.  And like that, it was so simple.


Following the previous year of chaos discovery, I felt an immediate comfort in the simplicity of peace being my word for 2016.

Peace defined as:

  • freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility
  • freedom from violence
  • state of tranquility and quiet
  • state of security and order
  • freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts, emotions
  • harmony in personal relations

I will take it.  Peace on.



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