The Dream 

The first five yoga classes that I attended, I left early.  Loathing the quiet and deliberate movements, I fled and entered back into the chaos of life, where I operated in comfort.  Yet, I was determined to keep at it.

And then the day came when I got it. For a snippet of time, I was no longer so incredibly uncomfortable within my own skin that I could actually lay in the stillness of my being and was actually okay with it.

More than okay, I realized that sweet moment of quiet and integration of breath and body.  I experienced it and that was all I needed to come back again and again.

Here we are ten years later and I share that sweetness with others!  Rarely does it feel like work.  The business side of it is even joyful as I am amazed that I am making a great living giving the sweet gift of yoga to others.

Once I realized that yoga was the path for me to fully embrace who I am, in so many areas of my life, I began to dream.  I dreamt of a yoga space where I could practice and meditate.  A light and airy space where people would come and we together we create a beautiful flow of energy through practice.

Ten years from the time I first unrolled a mat, my dream is fulfilled.  The space is complete and I am ready to invite others in for classes.  Yoga, meditation and workshops on wellness and living an authentic life.

Thoughts really do become things.  With attention and belief, life truly does unfold with a divine order. 



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