According to Webster dictionary laughter is defined as an expression or appearance of merriment or amusement. 

According to me laughter is the necessary nectar of a good and healthy relationship.  It is the soothing agent for when friction arises.  It shifts the moments of tension into fits of amusement and light-heartedness.  It is indeed the essence of life.

When I look back at the entirety of my life I see that it was mostly spent in a state of seriousness.  It isn’t as though my childhood was empty of laugher, but it certainly was not a common thread.  I recall laughing with my brother and my best friend from time to time but my home itself was not filled with jokes or humorous doings.

I jumped into the grown up world at a young age and that left little room for true deep belly laughter.  My world was raising three little kids and the source of my giggles often came from their antics. My relationships with adults took on a serious tone and there was never much space for laughter.

As my life evolved I developed a genuine friendship with an incredibly vibrant woman whose very being is one of great humor.  Her laugh itself is boisterous and loud. Her appearance is so gregarious she is known well for her spirited choice of hair style and clothes.  Her entire essence is that of pure and resounding joy.  How lucky I am to have her enter into my life many years ago.

Not long ago following a visit with her, I realized that in my life I had little laughter and therefore the seriousness of my life became stifling. Seeking to change that aspect of my existence I began to evaluate my life and where in it I could create more space for the merriment of finding humor on a daily basis.

Nearly eighteen months later, my life is a daily circus of amusement and hilarity mingled with a sensitive and deeply moving connection of sincerity and calmness.  A beautiful balance has occurred and my life is completely full of both laughter and intentness.

Incredibly grateful.






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